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3 Marvelous Blog Post Templates

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Go blog wild.

Travel with us into the beginner blogger's brain...

"Ok, let's write this blog post. One hour to write this should be good. Just get a rough draft down. Easy. Rough draft, no problem. Let's go. So what's the topic? Topic? Topic?"

Twirls pencil.

"I'll talk about my, my, my what? What do I have to say? How do I start? What do I say? Wait, why am I blogging, again? "

Stomach rumbles.

"I need a tuna fish sandwich."

Makes and eats tuna fish sandwich

"Ok, back. Look at me blogging. Bloggity blog. I am a writer. I am a creative writer. Need a creative idea. Instagram!  Oooh, look what Jasmine Star is doing. I wish I had her house. There's that shampoo ad, again. Ooh, hair type quiz. Ok, ok, focus. I'm going to write something now..."

Buy these three blog post templates and write the posts.

Wildly easier than what you're doing now. 

For the wellness creator who has big plans to write blogs but can't seem to find that perfect opening sentence (or even a topic!)


  • Instant access to the template in a PDF digital download
  • Additional access to the template in a Google doc format so you can start writing immediately
  • 3 different blog post templates
  • More time to eat tuna fish sandwiches


  • Split your blog posts into tiny snippets and post on social media
  • Use the same snippets to record Reels or TikTok videos
  • Copy the first few paragraphs and send it to your email list, inviting them to read the whole post.


Not a blogger but read to the end of this product description anyway? You should probably enroll in our Visibility Crash Course to learn if you should be blogging or not. 

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

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