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Blogging 101 Workshop: How to Write Compelling Content

$54.00 USD $77.00 USD

We've been blogging since Commodore 64s were all the rage and now we're sharing our process. 

If you write a blog (or want to start one), this workshop will walk you through the steps of actually how to write a blog.  Writing blog posts for your business is more than writing words in a box and hitting publish. Much more.

Your weblog's (see - we really have been doing this a long time) purpose is to attract new eyes to your work, and ultimately get them to convert to clients BUT, writing one post shouldn't take eight and half days or cause Top Gun style mental tailspins.

Jennifer Barcelos (owner of the aforementioned Commodore 64) talks through her personal process of how she quickly and effectively creates Marvelous' blogs each week.  She covers her planning, writing and SEO-ing process. 

And she has distilled writing on the Internet into 5 commandments (worth the price of admission alone). 

This workshop is for creators who are new(ish) to blogging and need some structure around how to think about and organize their blog writing process. It's also helpful for those who have lost sight of why they're writing a blog.


  • Video lesson with Jennifer (56-minutes)
  • Pillar Content Planner in Google sheets format
  • Over-the-shoulder video on how to use the blogging content planner
  • Worksheet of Jeni's fave writing and SEO resources

Need some ideas about what to write? Grab these blog post templates.

Want to understand how blogging fits into your bigger marketing strategy. Enroll in the Visibility Crash Course.


This is hosted on the Marvelous platform. Nothing physical will ship.


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