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How to Write a Downsell Email

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Ready, Freddie?

Sometimes the client's answer to the question "Are you ready to join my program?" is a flat-out "No, thanks." They're just not prepared to join your annual Salsa Dance Membership or your 12-week Keto to Vegan Program. It's just too much of a leap in that moment.

We all know that life can get hairy. Maybe she's got 5-kids that need to be registered for summer camp but the line-ups are half the distance of earth's orbit, or maybe she tore up a corner of wallpaper to peak at what was hiding underneath and she couldn't stop and is now committed to the full master bath reno, or perhaps, she simply can't afford it (two words: groceries + gas). There are so many reasons that your potential clients don't join your offering which are completely understandable. 

But the relationship doesn't have to end at "No, thanks."

The beauty of sending a downsell email is that you offer a second option that is pocketbook friendly and requires less of a time commitment.

She doesn't have time for the 2-day in-person class to learn charcoal figure drawing. She just wants the 1-hour Intro Workshop.
She can't afford 12 months of coaching.
But she can afford 1 month of coaching.

    Downsells are brilliant. Your clients save money and time, you earn more money, and you serve your client with your smaller offering. Everyone's delighted!!


    For wellness creators who have a low-priced e-book, workshop, mini-course, or class series that people have loved but you're not sure what to do with it now— use this as your downsell.

    For wellness creators who hear all the time, "I'd love to join but I don't have enough time/money". Perfect situation for an eloquent downsell email.


    • Instant access to the template in a PDF digital download
    • Additional access to the template in a Google doc format so you can start personalizing it immediately
    • Clients jumping for joy because they thought there was no chance of working with you and then that perfectly crafted downsell email arrived in their inbox. 

     This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

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