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How to Ask for a Testimonial Email

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"Hey, I'm wondering if you could write, well, only if you have time because I don't want to bother you, but I thought, maybe, you could, possibly, write a few words about what it was like working with me?"

There are few things more valuable in business than a glowing testimonial (the best ones bring on a blush!) but, geez, is there a more challenging email to write? 

You're simply requesting a short review of their experience working with you but it feels like you're asking for their firstborn. When you nail the message, the feedback you receive allows you to learn, grow, and improve the program.

Use this email template to thoughtfully ask for a testimonial from clients who have completed your course, group or one-on-one coaching program, workshop, training or mastermind.

Take 15-minutes, fill in the blanks of this template (trust us, this is an uncomplicated one... it might take you 5-minutes) and email it to your last round of clients. Imagine how many testimonials you can have by the end of the week! 


This email template is perfect for wellness teachers or coaches who know the importance of a testimonial but avoid sending emails asking for them because everything they write sounds like they're fishing for compliments or they're afraid of bothering their clients.



  • Instant access to the email template in a PDF digital download
  • Additional access to the email template in a Google doc format so you can start personalizing it immediately
  • A growing collection of testimonials for your sales page and emails

 This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

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