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How to Write a Waitlist Email

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Good things come to she who waitlists.

Nothing is more energizing than a waitlist. Every time you imagine all those people waiting in the wings to work with you, your breath quickens and your heart skips a beat because it's a loud and clear signal that your work is in demand and that is the electronic holy grail of business.

And those clients-in-waiting who read your astutely worded email aren't huffing around, exasperated, and Googling to find another teacher as fast as they can. No!  Instead, they feel attended to, understood, and are thrilled to wait for an open spot with you because that email made them certain that you are worth waiting for.

Wellness instructors who sell courses, memberships, or coaching programs and close their digital doors at times throughout the year or run live programs with a limited number of seats.

Newer teachers planning to use a cart open/cart close strategy or simply know that they're top-notch at their craft and expect to quickly have clients overflowing onto a waitlist (a big hell yes to confidence) and they want to have the comms written and ready to go.


  • Instant access to the Waitlist Email template in a PDF digital download
  • Additional access to the template in a Google doc format so you can start personalizing it immediately
  • An eager waitlist ready to pay you when you open your doors
  • Satisfaction from knowing you're helping those on the waitlist before they join your program 

If we've worked you up into a frenzy about having your own waitlist, come join one of our coaching programs and we'll show you how it's done. If there is a waitlist, you know that we'll send you one stellar email.

 This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

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