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How to Write an About Page That Tells Your Story

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Is the story of your life that you can't write a story about your life? 

Your About Page is the most visited page of your website so you want to ensure that it's actually completed, it attracts your ideal clients and you don't spend months writing and rewriting and rewriting and rewriting...

But it's SO HARD to make yourself sound interesting, isn't it?

We know that you're laser-focused on your clients and their needs. You can talk for weeks without taking a breath about the transformative, life-altering effects of your work. But the moment you sit down to write about yourself, it's as if you're immediately inhabited by another being that's wiped your memory about yourself.

It just so happens that we've got a template that blocks alien inhabitation and quickly extracts your story out and gets it down on paper (well, screen) and is now ready for a copy and paste onto your website's About Page.

Any wellness creator who mysteriously forgets words and how to form coherent sentences when she sits down to type an About Page for her website.


  • Instant access to the About Page template in a PDF digital download
  • Additional access to the templates in a Google doc format so you can start writing your story immediately
  • Example of a completed about page using this template

And if you are really loath to write about yourself, you should probably also buy How to Write an Effective Bio

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.


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