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How to Write an Effective Bio

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Is there anything more toe-curling than writing about yourself?

No one enjoys writing about themselves. It's more tortuous than your inaugral live-stream BUT whether you're creating your first ever LinkedIn profile or running a multi-million dollar business, you need a paragraph or two telling the public all about how fantab you are.

How do you get the fantab-ness into a cringe free bio? Step one is to sit your ego on a park bench and tell it to feed the ducks for the next hour and step two is to download this template, fill in the blanks and check this to-do off of your list. 

Any human who is break-out-in-hives allergic to self-promotion, has nightmares about crowds chanting "You're so full of yourself", has thirty-one and a half pages in Google docs of feeble bio attempts that were abandoned because the strawberry-rhubarb muffins weren't going to bake themselves. And for those who have an uncanny ability to hyper-focus on all the impossibly clever and pithy bios out there that must have been written by the likes of Margaret Atwood or maybe Hemingway himself and believe theirs will never be as good. 


  • Instant access to the Effective Bio template in a PDF digital download
  • Additional access to the templates in a Google doc format so you can start personalizing it immediately
  • Includes a social media and a professional bio template


  • Use the social media bio for you Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or other sites with a limited character count
  • Use the professional bio for your website
  • Give the professional bio to the slew of podcast hosts that are clamoring to interview you because of your impossibly clever and pithy bio
  • Pass along to your cracker jack team so they can write their own bios for your website

This is a digital download. Nothing physical will ship. 

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