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The Membership Crash Course

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It's time to figure out this whole online membership thing once and for all!

Raise your hand if this is your experience with your membership. A few months after launching your online membership your numbers started to shrink. You tried to get new members from social media but it's been tricky. Maybe you even tried FB Ads, but didn't quite know how to make it work. 

Your first reaction was to add more classes to your schedule or maybe you created more content for your membership. Or worse yet... you discounted your price which was a BIG mistake!

What you actually needed wasn't to teach more classes, or undervalue your work, or manifest 11 more hours in the day. You need a membership specific strategy.

What you've discovered is that memberships are different online animals. They're continuous. They're needy. They're open, ALL THE TIME!! And if you're trying to run it like you've run past businesses, it will always feel like you're running uphill.

You can now cross "Find solid membership strategy" off your list. Now sit down, because we've got some even better news. This crash course is less than one hour!! How is that humanly possible? We cut out the fluff usually found in courses and every word spoken is pure, liquid membership gold. 

For movement-based practitioners who love the idea of a membership and the elusive but highly desirable recurring revenue but who love what they do but are beginning to feel bored or frustrated with this business model. 


  • WORKSHOP 1: Memberships 101
  • ​WORKSHOP 2: Defining Your Membership's Purpose
  • ​​WORKSHOP 3: How to Design a Membership (by far the most popular module)
  • ​WORKSHOP 4: How to Launch a Membership
  • BONUS 1: Membership Playbook
  • BONUS 2:  Six-Figure Membership Training 
  • BONUS 3: Membership Mindset Audio Course
  • BONUS 4: The Gear Guide
  • BONUS 5: Social Media Marketing with Intention


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This is a digital course hosted on Marvelous Software. Nothing physical will ship.

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