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Honestly. How many graphics can one small online business need? 

It feels like every move you make in your business requires a new graphic. It's endless. When you create a new program to sell - need a graphic. When you set up your Marvelous site - oooh, need a bunch of graphics. When you want to announce a launch to your IG account -- yup, need another graphic.

For those of us who didn't go to design school, it can feel daunting and distracting from the money-making work.

You went into teaching to TEACH and not to sit in front of a screen clicking between Montserrat and Arial, centering and then squinting to try and decide if that's right position or staring at a color wheel trying to understand complementary colors. This is not your job.

Do you know whose job it is? Our award-winning designer and she's created this Canva template pack specifically for wellness teachers so you can focus on your zone of genius. 

You'll reduce your time in Canva by 97% with these design templates and we want to know what you do with that recovered time (lounging in your back garden, baking banana bread, forest bathing, researching NFTs, sleeping, writing blogs, zoning out). Seriously... let us know.


Yoga teachers who teach online who appreciate stunning and stand-out graphic design but don't want to spend 47 hours dragging elements around in Canva, endlessly changing font colors, and then downloading the wrong size.


  • A PDF with links to the following Canva* templates:
  • 14 website hero images or cover photo templates
  • 9 rectangular logo templates
  • 16 square logo templates
  • 9 profile picture templates
  • 16 product and media thumbnails

*Requires a Canva account (free version works)

You could refresh your entire brand, overhaul your Marvelous site with new product and thumbnail images, customize templates with your brand colors, stand out from all the common Canva templates in use. 


This is a digital download. Nothing physical will ship.

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