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Online Membership Launch Kit: Launch Calendar and Email Templates

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Use the Online Membership Launch Kit to create an organized, effective (and dare we say... fun?) launch.

If it feels like there are approximately 892 moving parts in a launch and you need the skill and precision of a Swiss watchmaker to pull it all together, then you've landed in the right place.

Admittedly, launches do have a lot of moving parts. When does the launch start and end? How many days is the launch? What do I post on social media? How many emails do I have to write? (Ummm... a lot) 

To make your next launch easy peasy, we've created two simple resources that will quell any launch overwhelm.

The first resource is a powerful launch email sequence specifically for online memberships. You'll never have to stare at a blinking cursor on a blank Google doc again! 

There are 8-emails in the sequence. The first email is a teaser (an amuse-bouche, if you will) to create anticipation of something new and exciting coming their way. The remaining emails are your cart open emails where you'll announce the opening of your membership and invite them in.

The best news is that these emails are written in a “Mad Libs” style. This means the body of the email is written for you and you simply need to add a little zip to make them yours. All the grammar and sentence structure is taken care of so your only job is to show off your quirkiness, humor, scientific mind, or whatever makes you, you!!

The second resource is the launch holy grail: a launch calendar. Print this out, choose your launch dates and follow the calendar to keep track of what you send and when. Your exhausted, over-burdened brain is already thanking you.

This Launch Kit is perfect for you if you have an online membership and are about to launch it for the first time (high-five!!) or have an existing online membership and want to re-launch it (super smart!!) and are looking for an email series that will announce to your list that doors are now wide, wide open.

These are written as emails but who says they have to stay that way!! Give each email a light edit and voila, you've got your social posts for the launch! 


  • Launch Calendar (so you know what to send and when)
  • Email Sequence for a 6-day launch of an online membership
  • Explainer video on how to use the calendar and emails

This is a digital download. Nothing physical will ship.

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