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Social Media Marketing with Intention

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Your HitchHiker’s Guide to the Social Media Universe

If you’ve been deeply longing for a social media chaperone, tour guide, or overlord, look no further because this workbook will lead you out of the painful, hair-pulling-content-creating darkness and into the ideas-are-flowing-content-creating light.

These 58-pages deliver 40-days of prompts and inspiration for what to post on various social media platforms. What’s unique here is that we give you the flexibility to be you. This isn’t a “do this exact thing“ and then "say these exact words” and then "hit post". There is wiggle room for experimentation so that you can find your voice and understand what works for you and your audience. 

How does it work?

The workbook is designed as a 40-day challenge with five consecutive days of prompts, followed by a digital day-off, and then an organizational day. The prompts are the guidelines and inspiration for your social media posts and the content varies from designing graphics to posting photography to writing to speaking on video.

Outrageously talented and ambitious teachers and coaches whose ideal clients are hanging out on social media but the thought of creating content to reach those clients makes them feel listless, broken, distracted, burned out, and have a sudden urge to go and wipe down baseboards.


  • PDF workbook with 40-days of social media prompts
  • Multiple variations for each prompt 
  • Endless inspiration 

This is a digital download. Nothing physical will ship.


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