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The Launch Calculator

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Stop wondering about how much you'll make on your next launch and instead, calculate it.

What do you get when you cross an engineer with a fortune teller? The Launch Calculator, of course!

Use the power of a pre-built formula (that's the engineer part) to predict (that's the fortune teller part) what kind of revenue you can expect with your launches. 

Here's how it works...

Punch in your current email list size (cue data processing sounds) and see what your predicted revenue would be.

Or you can reverse engineer this and enter the sales you want to make and this calculator will spit out what size your email list needs to be.  

There is a tight relationship between the size of your email list and the money you make in a launch. The unexpected lesson while playing with this number cruncher is a deeper appreciation of how critical your list size is to your revenue. 

Ready to geek out? Let's go. 


The Launch Calculator is best for online business owners who are watching their launch revenue shrink with each subsequent launch (and they can't figure out why) and want to know what to focus on (more launches or more email subscribers) to increase their revenue.


  • Instant access to your own calculator in a Google Sheet format
  • Explainer video so you know exactly what variables to enter and why
  • Fortune telling skills for your upcoming launches
  • Evenings of fun while entering in numbers and watching the revenue change

The Launch Calculator pairs nicely with the Visibility Crash Course where you'll learn how to become a thought leader in your niche and attract those adoring fans onto your email list. 


This is a digital product hosted on the Marvelous platform. Nothing physical will ship.

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